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Why Eva Longoria Uses ibi to Organize Her Photos

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We've partnered with ibi by SanDisk to introduce you to the easiest way to organize, manage, and privately share all of your favorite photos and videos.

Read up on the daily routines of the most successful people, and you'll notice one key commonality: top-notch organization. Whether you're the founder of your own business or the CEO of your family, you have to stay organized to be successful.

That's a sentiment that definitely rings true with Eva Longoria. The actress wears a ton of hats — director, fashionista, and mom, to name just a few — and knows she has to be efficient if she's going to get everything done. "For me, every moment of my day is planned," Eva explained. "There are small moments when certain things can happen, and if it doesn't happen then, it's not going to happen."

In addition to her team, Eva relies on a few devices to stay organized and on track. A perfect example? She uses ibi by SanDisk to collect, organize, and privately share all of her photos and videos, from red-carpet snaps to clips of her son. Eva said that realizing the smart photo manager could aggregate all her photos from various devices — your computer, your phone, your tablet, and so on — was a total revelation.

Here's how ibi works: it's essentially your own personal cloud, but it's a device that sits in your home. You can easily upload all of your photos and videos from all of your devices, whether that means phones, laptops, cameras, that USB drive sitting in your junk drawer, or all of the above. You can then use the companion app to organize them and search by location or use the timeline to find your memories by date.

Eva said ibi's "inner circle" feature has been particularly helpful. You can create your own network of friends and family on the app, then share your photos and videos with them privately. "The reason I post so much on Instagram is because that's how my family sees my photos. I'll post to Instagram instead of sending 18 different texts to my family," Eva said. "This allows you to invite who you want to invite to the inner circle and they can upload photos too." Though privacy is important for all of us, you can see why it would be particularly relevant to a world-renowned celeb.

Eva doesn't only use ibi to share photos with her family, either — she also uses it for her work. "If I need to send my stylist references, I can pull as many photos as I need to and send them to her on ibi," Eva said. "I can send fashion references to my stylist or photo references to my director of photography and we can share with each other in that way too." That means no more struggling to send large files over email — ibi makes it as easy as sending a text.

Besides its usefulness, Eva said the ability to actually enjoy the memories in your photos and videos is the best part about ibi. "There are so many times I mean to print a photo and frame it and hang it in my room, and I just don't," Eva said. "These are special memories and moments and you don't get to share them if you don't know where they are."