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The Ideal Home Fragrance For Your Decor Style

POPSUGAR / paid for by / BOTANICA® by Air Wick

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We've partnered with BOTANICA® by Air Wick to help you choose the perfect scent for your space from the line of upscale, exotic fragrances made with responsibly sourced, high-quality ingredients.

The best interior design excites all the senses. A cohesive color palette delights the eye, while a range of textures appeals to the sense of touch. Ideally, the signature home fragrance you choose should also mirror the vibe you're trying to create: sweet, floral scents pair beautifully with more delicate design aesthetics, while smoky, earthy fragrances might be a better fit for an avant-garde artist's loft.

To help you discover your ideal scent, we've chosen a fragrance for five of the most popular home decor styles of the moment. Each scent comes from the BOTANICA by Air Wick line of fresh, vibrant, and sophisticated scents made from fewer, higher-quality natural ingredients. The line is also free of dyes and phthalates and packaged in recycled paper and post-consumer resin, so you can feel good about bringing BOTANICA by Air Wick into your home. After one whiff, you'll be shocked you went without a home fragrance for so long.