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Thinx Underwear "What If Everyone Had Periods" Ad Video

This Captivating Thinx Period Ad Is a Look at What the World Would Be Like If Everyone Bled

Most people with uteruses can vouch for the fact that periods can be insufferable, but the fact that we're often unable to talk about them openly with the people around us only makes them worse. In an effort to end the stigma around "period talk" and encourage conversation about menstruation, feminine hygiene company Thinx — most known for its absorbent period underwear — released a TV ad on Oct. 9 that reimagined what the world would be like if everyone, cisgender men included, got their periods on a regular basis.

"People with periods are taught from a young age that one of our body's natural processes is something to be ashamed of, and something we should go to great lengths to conceal," said Maria Molland, CEO of Thinx Inc. "We're taught to hide our period products in our sleeves on the way to the restroom, and constantly check our clothes for any leaks or stains."

"Men should be part of meaningful conversations about menstrual health."

The ad shows men in everyday situations, undergoing the same experiences anyone who has a period is familiar with, including finding blood stains on sheets, having a loose tampon string, and getting a period for the first time. "Men should be part of meaningful conversations about menstrual health. None of us (gay or straight, cis or trans, man or woman) would be here without someone who menstruated, which is why we feel it's so important to get comfortable talking about it," Thinx's Chief Brand Officer, Siobhan Lonergan told POPSUGAR via email. "The only way we are going to dismantle the taboos around menstruation is by including everyone — even people who don't menstruate — in the conversation."

Overall, Thinx is aiming to start a national dialogue and encourage people to talk about their periods without euphemisms or shame. Learn more about the company and its mission to make periods easier for everyone on the Thinx website.

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