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Hillary Clinton Emotional Campaign Video

You’ll See a Totally Different Side of Hillary Clinton in This Behind-the-Scenes Video

Hillary Clinton has been running for president since April 12, 2015. And the whole time, she's had cameras following her. In this behind-the-scenes video released by the Clinton campaign Saturday, we see some humanizing outtakes from the almost 19-month journey. Clinton shared the video, which shows her sleeping on a bus, lamenting that people care about her shoes, and celebrating her primary win with her closest aides, on social media with the caption "the story of this campaign." The video also draws a sharp and humorous contrast to Clinton's rival Donald Trump.

As she makes her closing arguments ahead of Election Day, Hillary Clinton is attempting to fire up her supporters and put a positive spin on her historic run as the first woman to top the ticket for a major party. Watch to see a different side of the woman who has been first lady, senator, and secretary of state — and who may be America's first woman elected president.

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