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Sebastian Yatra, Ricky Martin New Music Video "Falta Amor"

Sebastián Yatra's New Video With Ricky Martin "Feels Almost Like a Premonition"

Sebastián Yatra is positioning himself as one of the top Latin artists of his generation. After announcing he'll be opening on Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias's joint tour this fall, he surprised his 35 million social media and YouTube subscribers with a collaboration with Ricky Martin called "Falta Amor."

The song was originally released as part of Sebastián's 2019 album Fantasías, and while this revamp had been in the works for some months now, it arrives at the perfect time. "Ever since we did 'Falta Amor' on the album Fantasías, we knew it was by far one of the most special songs we'd ever written," Sebastián Yatra told POPSUGAR. "I sent it to Ricky a month before the album came out in hopes that he would jump on it and we could do it together for the album."

Three days before the album release, Ricky Martin wrote back to tell him he had been busy with the new baby he'd just had, but he loved the song and hoped there would still be a chance to record it together. Sebastián had the music video scheduled to take place in two days, so he canceled it and waited for Ricky so they could create something even more impactful.

"We wrote the song thinking about Ricky, thinking about how perfect his voice would be on it, and thank God it was just magical when both of our voices came together," Sebastián said. "I'm superexcited, and I think it comes at the right moment. People need music like this right now, and 'Falta Amor' is almost therapeutic." While Sebastián acknowledges the song is very deep, in the end, it makes you feel hopeful and at peace, like you know deep within your heart that everything's going to be OK.

The music video, directed by Carlos Perez, is "by far the best video I've done in my career," Sebastián said. "The video strangely resembles what we're going through, and I think after this, we will all learn so much it will be almost like un renacer," he added.

"It's crazy because we shot this video eight months ago, and it feels almost like a premonition of what was going to happen. The dancers are from all over the world, shapes, sizes, colors, and we're all using masks in the video. We're going through all this pain, and we're going through it together, and then it all comes back to being one, as a society."

The song and video were always set to be released on March 26. The fact that it's going to be a little light at the end of the tunnel we're crossing now is just pura casualidad.

As for Sebastián, besides this release, he's taking the downtime to work on his music and prepare for the upcoming tour in the fall. "I'm excited, I'm way more excited than nervous, I swear!" he said.

I had to ask him the question we've been wanting to know since the tour was announced: if you could sing a Ricky Martin song with him, and an Enrique Iglesias song with him, which ones would they be? His answers: "Vuelve" and "Hero." A man after my heart!

Image Source: Courtesy of Universal Music Latin
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