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A Limpieza Ritual For August's Full Moon in Aquarius

This Limpieza For the Full Moon in Aquarius Will Help You Create Space For Love

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The magical Full Moon in Aquarius is upon us. On Aug. 22 at 8:02 a.m. EST, this moon will reach its peak in the sky, bringing charged energy relating to personal, material, and spiritual growth, intimate relationships, long-term partners, and steamy love affairs. This Full Moon in Aquarius is also a Blue Moon, the second Full Moon in Aquarius. The first was on July 23 and the third of four full moons in a single season.

Typically, there are three full moons per season, but because June's full moon took place just a few days after the June solstice, it was early enough in the season to squeeze in four full moons this summer, the third of which is the Blue Moon. This unique aspect makes for a powerful Full Moon in Aquarius. Add that to the moon aligning with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and it's the perfect recipe for happiness, optimism, and good fortune, which could involve travel, education, that good love you've been looking for, and the building of wealth. But be mindful of not crossing the line of arrogance or greed during this positively budding astrological time. Check your ego at the door, be grateful, and pay it forward to ensure the flow of abundance continues moving swiftly.

The Full Moon in Aquarius energy will linger for two weeks until the New Moon in Virgo on Sept. 6. Make sure to focus all those positive aspects mentioned above on home, family, and intimate relationships during this time.

One way to do this is through a limpia or a spiritual cleansing aimed at clearing blockages that may result in toxic patterns, beliefs, and negative energy and thoughts. After all, to welcome greatness, we need to create space by removing the things that no longer serve us. This spiritual upkeep, which is good for yourself and your home, isn't a one-hit wonder. It's maintenance that's needed to live a spiritually balanced life that may offer more joy and healthier responses to the challenges and obstacles we face in this human experience.

Maybe you've noticed unhealthy patterns when it comes to your romantic relationships. Or you could be challenged with finding the right work-life balance. Then there's the possibility that your ego has been getting the best of you, and you're burning more bridges than you're building.

By calling upon the Full Moon in Aquarius's super-charged energy while first cleansing your space, then writing and/or speaking out what no longer serves you, and finally sealing it with a ritual and meditation, you can begin the process of creating healthy space to grow.

This limpia may be exactly what you need on this Full Moon in Aquarius:

1. Grab some sage or your favorite spiritual cleansing agents like incense or Aqua Florida, and begin walking through your home from the back to the front door, allowing the smoke or spray to fill the space, and paying attention to the corners of the rooms and windows. Always be mindful and extremely careful when working with fire.

2. Say words of gratitude while doing this, like being grateful for your home, or your private space.

3. Ask that Spirit remove any negativity or stagnant energy from your space.

4. Make sure you have windows open to circulate the smoke or spray and ensure that the release of unwelcomed energy can easily flow out of your space. If you can have your front or back door open, all the better to get that air flowing through the home.

5. When you intuitively feel like your space has been cleansed, light a candle, grab some tea or a comforting drink, and find a relaxing place to sit.

6. Be silent, closing your eyes and setting your intention to release that which no longer serves you.

7. Write a short list of the things you want to release and let go.

8. Over a bowl of cold water, safely light the paper and burn it, watching the fire transmute those blockages into lessons, and bringing the power of the air quality of Aquarius to lift you up and carry you into your greatness, the person you would wholeheartedly follow.

9. Place the paper into the bowl of cold water, and watch as the transforming element of water changes the paper before your eyes. A gentle reminder of how you, too, can change and transform and that nothing is permanent. So, if you feel the need to change something in your life. You can!

Other little gems to be mindful of include Aquarius being associated with the third eye — so think big. What would releasing these things do for your life? How could letting go benefit you?

If you're into Tarot, pull The Star card, which rules Aquarius, and place it nearby as you write your list of needed releases. The Star card is a yes card, which generally represents new beginnings, peace, and optimism.

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