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Antonio Banderas Talks About Capes

Wait, Is Antonio Banderas Trying to Bring Back the Cape?

Antonio Banderas is currently studying fashion design at London's prestigious Central Saint Martins, and the actor/budding fashion designer might be trying to bring back the clothing item he so famously wore as Zorro in The Mask of Zorro: the cape.

In an interview with 1 Granary magazine (Central Saint Martins' student-run magazine), Antonio said the cape "was lost in menswear a long time ago" and that he "would like to experiment with it" during his studies. "Capes . . . have incredible possibilities," he said, and he's totally serious. He answers, in depth, four separate questions about capes in the 1 Granary interview. If you want to see more of Antonio's design school musings, see his Facebook update from behind the mannequins at Central Saint Martins. And stay tuned for a cape invasion!

The 2nd week of studies at Central St Martin begins. Intense, exciting, serious and fun all the same time. Comienza la...

Posted by Antonio Banderas on Monday, August 24, 2015
Image Source: Getty / Daniel Perez
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