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Personal Essay About Puerto Rico Earthquakes | 2020
Personal Essay
Watching Puerto Rico Crumble From a Distance Isn't Easier Than Being There
by Sophia Melissa Caraballo Piñeiro
Baby Names
Need Inspiration For Your Baby Name? These Latinx Celebs Give You 47 Solid Options
by Maria G. Valdez
Beauty Products
All the Trendy Things You Need For Glowing Skin in 2020 — and None of Them Are Makeup
by Stephanie Nguyen
paid for by NeoCell
YouTuber Kathleen Lights Nail Polish Brand Lights Lacquer
Latinx-Owned, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free! Sign Me Up For YouTuber Kathleen Lights' Nail Polish Brand
by Sophia Melissa Caraballo Piñeiro
Bad Bunny's Influence on Gen Z

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