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The Best Answer You Can Give When Someone Asks "Y El Novio?"
Family Relationships
The Best Advice I Learned This Holiday Season to Deal With the Dreaded “Y El Novio?”
by Maria G. Valdez
Netflix Drops the Full Trailer For New Docuseries, Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez
by Mekishana Pierre
7 Things You'll See on Freeform's Party of Five
Party of Five
This is How Freeform’s Party of Five is Changing the Latinx Narrative on TV
by Maria G. Valdez
paid for by Freeform
Reshaping My Latina Identity Away From Stereotypes
Family Life
Saying Goodbye to the Latina Stereotype and Reshaping My Future on My Terms
by Maria G. Valdez
J Lo Wasn't Snubbed at the Oscars Nominations

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