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Ikea Closet Organization Hacks

6 Brilliant Closet Organization Hacks Straight From Ikea

A complete closet makeover in under a day? Watch to see how the #IKEAHomeTour Squad completed the task!

Posted by IKEA USA on Monday, January 4, 2016

If organizing your closet isn't already on your to-do list, you'll definitely be inspired to give it a major refresh after watching Ikea's Home Tour Squad do the job. In just four hours, the team turns a cluttered wardrobe space into a showroom-worthy walk-in closet using Ikea's Algot open storage system that adjusts with your wardrobe. The brilliant makeover and the hacks that made it happen are revealed in the video above. Read ahead to see exactly how you too can tackle the project and truly optimize your closet space.

1. Get rid of any pieces you haven't used in over a year.

When clearing out your closet, ask yourself whether the item is really worth holding onto.

2. Keep photos and measurements of your closet on your phone.

Having these on hand will make for easy references while shopping.

3. Look to adjustable shelving.

This will help maximize storage space and allow for flexibility as your wardrobe expands and changes.

4. Use multiple depths of shelves.

Deep shelves are great for storing clothes, while shorter shelves can hold your accessories. The team even repurposed Ikea picture ledges as a beautiful tie display.

5. Use rails for hanging clothes and hooks for jackets.

This way, your coats and thicker pieces don't take up too much valuable space.

6. Take advantage of your closet's ceiling height.

Stacking up instead of completly utilizing available floor space will make your closet appear less cluttered. Tuck a stool in that open area that you can bring out when necessary.

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