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Circu Mermaid Bed

You Can Live Out Your Little Mermaid Fantasies With This Shell-Shaped Bed

Calling all real-life mermaids! Circu has the perfect bed for you: a seashell-shaped bed inspired by The Little Mermaid. This magically elaborate bed has a shell lid that lights up in various bright colors and "protects little pearls," according to the product listing on Circu's website. Retailing at about $16,000, according to Luxury Listings, this beautiful bed isn't just for any mermaid. No, it's for only the most glamorous of mermaids who want the finest of furniture to rest their heads on for the night.

Perhaps my favorite part of the product listing is that the finish is called "magical rainbow paint." It doesn't get much better than that, right? Unfortunately, this bed looks like it might only fit pint-sized mermaids, so those of us who are full-grown adults will have to keep searching for one in our own size. But in the meantime, check out more photos of the mermaid bed, and then take a look at Circu's other magical furniture. Personally, I've got my eye on those cloud lamps.

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