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Try This 30-Minute Bollywood Dance Workout For Weight Loss

This Bollywood Dance Cardio Workout Might Be Low-Impact, but You'll Burn Serious Calories

I'm one of those people who loves watching dance workouts, but when I actually pull my shoes on, grab my water, and try it for myself, I'm lost. My brain just can't move fast enough for the beat, so I just kind of bop along awkwardly and hope I can catch up. If you can relate, Bollywood dance workouts might make you nervous; after all, Bollywood tracks are often fast and upbeat, and the dance moves that go with them are intense and energetic. Well, good news for you (and me): this 30-minute Bollywood dance cardio workout was created with beginners in mind, and it's accessible for any experience level. And if you're looking to burn calories and lose weight, it can help with that too!

Created by ISSA-certified personal trainer Deepti Gaur-Sengupta of DanceWithDeepti, this workout has it all: a warm-up with dynamic stretches to get you ready to move, a dance routine that moves just fast enough for you to sweat but still keep pace, and a cooldown at the end to finish it off. Gaur-Sengupta looks like she's genuinely having fun the whole time, so no matter how inexperienced you are, you just want to join in.

And if you're doing this workout to help with weight loss goals, pay attention to what Gaur-Sengupta says at the beginning. "My beginner routines are actually designed for fat burn," she says, keeping you in the fat-burning zone (typically defined as being at 60 to 70 percent of your max heart rate) for a longer period of time. So while you can always move on to higher-intensity workouts, this kind of low-impact routine will help you out, too. Plus, it's way too much fun to skip. Check out the full workout above!

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