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In the Heights Star Anthony Ramos Shares His Ab Circuit

Anthony Ramos Shares His Movie-Ready Core Workout, and My Abs Burn Just From Watching

Meeting his trainer Corey Harbison for the second time in person, In the Heights star Anthony Ramos shows us his "core-crushing workout." According to Men's Health, Ramos gets his abs ready for the big screen by following this five-move circuit that can be repeated anywhere from one to four times "depending on your conditioning level." Keep reading to screen-grab this chart of his workout for the next time you hit the gym.

Anthony Ramos's Ab Circuit


While no warmup was given, here's an editor favorite that also "increases flexibility and boosts circulation."


Ramos's cooldown consists of plank walkout to dive bomber for a total of three minutes.

  • Begin with your feet under your hips.
  • Keep your core engaged as you walk to a plank.
  • From plank, glide into an Upward Dog.
  • Maintain core engagement as you reverse the action, coming through a plank to a Down Dog.
  • Walk your hands back to your feet.
  • Roll to stand, and repeat for a total of three minutes.
Bear Plank to Plank 30 seconds 1
Bear Plank to Push-Up 30 seconds 1
Push-Up to Frogger 30 seconds 1
Skin the Cat 3 reps 5
Back Extension With Rotation 6 reps per side 5

Tip: If you want to feel more supported in your push-ups, try Charlie Atkins's A-push-up method.

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