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Trader Joe's Poke Bowl

Stop the Presses! Trader Joe's Now Has Fresh Salmon Poke Bowls For Only 6 Freakin' Dollars

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Trader Joe's is slowly becoming that friend who just has it all going for her: the perfect boyfriend, flawless skin, yada yada yada. With an ever-growing selection of beauty products, the deliciously appealing freezer section, and the newest addition of poke bowls, we just have to ask, is there anything Trader Joe's can't do?! Now about those poke bowls. . . . Spotted on shelves by Instagram user milesofdonuts, the grocery gods of TJ's have added a smoked salmon poke bowl to the refrigerated aisle for just $6!

It's made with brown sushi rice, smoked salmon, pickled veggies, sweet onion, and pickled ginger, all tied together with a blood orange ponzu sauce, per the packaging. Described by another Trader Joe's fanatic, Become Betty, the bowl "is essentially a deconstructed sushi roll in a bowl." In a detailed review on Brenda's blog, for just 240 calories, you get a "nice light meal."

We know that sushi can be hit or miss, and grocery store sushi is absolutely not my preferred method of consumption, but let's be real here, has Trader Joe's ever disappointed? We'll race you to the store!

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