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GOT Actress Natalie Dormer Completes London Marathon

Margaery Tyrell From GOT Doesn't "Give a F*ck" What Her Time Was For the London Marathon

While we were all getting psyched to watch the Game of Thrones season six premiere Sunday night, Natalie Dormer, known as Margaery Tyrell on the show, was running in the London Marathon and killing it, finishing with a time of 3:51. Her goal was to beat her previous time, and she was initially "a tiny bit peeved" that she got in 30 seconds slower. But says "I don't give a f*ck what my time is. It's about Childline today." Natalie raised over $5,000 for this valuable service. It offers children under age 19 counselors they can call and talk to about anything from sexual abuse to eating disorders to bullies at school.

After running 26.2 miles on Sunday, she was excited to "curl up on the sofa and enjoy the fruits of my labor, double whammy, on the screen and in my aching legs. So I can eat whatever I want in front of the TV, in front of Game of Thrones and feel no guilt." Since we didn't run a marathon yesterday, we did this Game of Thrones workout instead.

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