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Costco Daily Greens Cold-Pressed Celery Juice

Costco Is Selling a Cold-Pressed Celery Juice That's Packed With Electrolytes and Vitamins

If you're an active Instagram user, you've likely come across many a post from friends and health influencers alike endorsing celery juice. Many people have praised the juice for its reported benefits, including healthier skin and increased energy. Hoping to try it yourself? Don't worry, Costco has you covered.

According to Instagram user @costcobuys, the grocery chain is now selling bottled organic, cold-pressed celery juice. The juice is produced by Daily Greens and contains electrolytes, vitamins, potassium, and "a touch of lemon." Celery juice has been said to calm inflammation, and since celery itself is made up of 95 percent water, it's also a good source of hydration following a workout or any other high-energy activity. If you're looking for something to revitalize you and give you a subtle energy boost, you can pick this up on your next Costco run at $14 for a pack of six.

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