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ADD In Case of Emergency ICE Number to Contacts in Your Cell Phone

In Case of Emergency = ICE

After talking to other exercise fanatics, I have found that many of us keep our mobile phones with us during workouts. Why wouldn't you if your iPhone doubles as an iPod and has all those great fitness apps on it. And let's face it, a phone is great if something unexpected arises, as in "Honey. I just got a flat tire and learned that my spare tube is punctured too. Can you come pick me up?" In case of something more dire, emergency responders are trained to check people's phones for helpful contacts and they look under ICE, in case of emergency. Take precaution and program your phone with an ICE contact, or really cover your bases and put in two. I also wear my Road ID when out on the trail or biking far from home.

Have a great exercise safety tip? Share it in the comments below, cause we all should be playing it safe — literally.

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