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17-Minute Pilates Workout to Relieve Back Pain by Isa Welly

If You're Suffering From an Achy Back, Get Relief With This 17-Minute Gentle Pilates Flow

If you've been working from home for over a year now, sitting way more than you were, not exercising as much, and just feeling achy and tight in your back, get relief with this gentle Pilates workout. Created by Pilates teacher Isa Welly, this 17-minute flow offers full-body Pilates and stretching moves to relieve back pain and build core strength safely. Do what you can, move at your own pace, and if you feel any pain, skip the exercise.

You'll enjoy doing relaxing standing pelvic circles and spinal rolls to increase flexibility in the lower back and hips. And, of course, Welly includes some Cat-Cow variations and hip openers to reduce tension and help you feel a little more open. There's also some light ab work since building a stronger core can help relieve back pain. Seriously, this workout is very gentle, so if you're hurting, this workout moves slow enough that the small movements should help you feel better by the end.

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