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10-Minute Yoga Flow For Neck and Shoulder Tension Relief

Don't Endure Neck Pain 1 Second Longer! Get Relief With This Relaxing 10-Minute Yoga Flow

Whether your tight shoulders and neck pain are caused by work or life stress, from sitting hunched at a desk typing all day, or from sleeping in a funky position, relief is just 10 minutes away! Get on the floor and follow 200-hour certified yoga teacher Nico Marie, known as Black Yogi Nico Marie on YouTube, for this quick and relaxing yoga flow. Doing these stretches will feel amazing right when you wake up, as a break during the day to ease tension, or to relax your mind and muscles before bed. Marie told POPSUGAR that she encourages people to stretch every day, but if you can't, a couple times a week will offer benefits. Or just do this flow whenever relief is needed.

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