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Ashley Graham Critiques Labels in Naomi Campbell Interview

Ashley Graham's Candid Critique of Labels Further Proves Why She Defies Them Entirely

How do you categorize someone who has managed to forever shape their industry in the span of a decade? Perhaps you don't. In a candid conversation for Naomi Campbell's newly launched YouTube channel, Being Naomi, Ashley Graham (who is a new mom!) spoke about the many labels that have been thrust upon her by model agencies and publications, whether it be "plus-size" or "that hourglass chick," Ashley joked.

"It is interesting, because we are models, we are constantly categorized, and I think it helps clients book us better when we are categorized," Ashley told Naomi. "When I first started modeling at 12 years old, I had no idea what the word plus-size even meant. It was just an automatic label that somebody — an agency — had given me."

"I honestly just like to be called the model Ashley Graham."

Throughout her career, Ashley said she's seen the industry go through various phases regarding the use of the word plus-size. "There's some people who love it. There's some people who hate it. The industry has really changed so much with labels," she said. As for herself, "I've always kind of been accustomed to the fact that I don't like labels. I don't feel like I need a label. I've always been told, 'Oh, you're pretty for a big girl.'" She later added, "I honestly just like to be called the model Ashley Graham. I don't feel like I need to be labeled because of a number inside of my pants." That right there is exactly why she needs no introduction. Watch the interview in its entirety above, and skip to around 3:00 to tune in to this particular exchange.

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