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>> More Intel on Marc Jacobs Fall 2010, As (Basically) Confirmed By Robert Duffy —As rumored, Marc Jacobs definitely held street casting yesterday at Milk Studios for his Fall 2010 show.  But there's more — sounds like he's going to have to find a new fit model next season — Robert Duffy seems to think she leaked information about the collection.  Earlier today, The Cut reported from a "well-placed source" that the collection is almost entirely cream and beige, the shoes are Mary Jane-style flats (or minimal heel) worn with socks, the hair is messy, the music is "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," and the look is '40s style silk camisoles, wide-leg pantsuits, and trapeze skirts. As for the street casting, The Cut's source says Marc is looking for an army of Jamie Bochert lookalikes, and casting agents had to dig deeper than what agencies had to offer to fulfill the bill.  Just in the the last hour, Robert Duffy Tweeted, "Well all is not a secret any more. New York mag. Got all the info. Go on," followed by: "Read the new York mag article. Our fit model spilled it all!" [The Cut, @robertcduffy, @robertcduffy]

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