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Jamie Chung Bryan Greenberg Interview

POPSUGAR / presented by / Banana Republic : From Where We Stand

They say opposites attract, and actress-turned-fashion blogger Jamie Chung couldn't agree more. Ever since she married Bryan Greenberg (a musician and fellow actor) in 2015, their successful marriage has strengthened through patience and respect for each other's unique dreams and talents. While Bryan has a fine-tuned ear for music, Jamie has an eye for fashion and seamlessly pairing pieces. These passions have not only fostered mutual admiration and appreciation, but an inherent understanding of the alone time and busy schedules required to make it all work. The holiday season is their one time to truly come together. Watch the video above for a peek into this creative duo's world, plus how they celebrate the festive season in style.

POPSUGAR and Complex partnered with Banana Republic to share how an influential power couple is fueled by their individual passions. Check out the full story, and then shop their head-to-toe looks here.

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