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Tina Fey: Having a Teen Daughter Like Having an Office Crush

Tina Fey Perfectly Explains How "Having a Teenage Daughter Is Like Having an Office Crush"

Tina Fey isn't allowed to say much about her two daughters, but what she does reveal is perfect.

While visiting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Tina lamented that she can't give too many details about her kids, 15-year-old Alice and 9-year-old Penelope.

"It's tricky to do your show anymore because all I want to do is talk about my daughters and that is, like, the one thing that I am absolutely forbidden from talking about — is your teenager," Tina said. "They're like: 'Absolutely not. Do not talk about me, do not show your friends a picture of me, nothing.'"

The most she can divulge, however, is a spot-on comparison between teen children and your typical unrequited love.

"Having a teenage daughter is like having an office crush, because you're thinking about them a lot more than they're thinking about you," she said. "And you just go up to their door and you're like, 'A bunch of us are going to eat dinner — you're probably busy.' Or, 'Some of us thought it'd be cool, like, to put a movie . . . uh, never mind, never mind.'"

What followed, an impression of her daughter staring ahead blankly with a coffee cup in place of a cell phone, is so good that we're certain she's going to hear about it from Alice when she gets home.

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