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Ryan Reynolds on His Daughter Wanting to Be a Child Actor

Ryan Reynolds's Daughter Said She Wants to Be an Actor, and His Response Was as Hilarious as Expected

Ryan Reynolds's 4-year-old daughter, James, recently admitted to her parents that she wants to be an actor. While on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Ryan acknowledged that he and his wife, Blake Lively, didn't mind the idea on a small scale.

"I'm fine if she wants to be an actor, like, go ahead," he said. "Do afterschool stuff. Right now, every day, is, like, a recital. She's singing songs, doing little plays at home, all that stuff. But being a child actor in movies? That's a whole other ball of wax."

The seasoned Hollywood veteran then outlined a conversation he had with his preschooler: "I explained to her, 'Look, that's a huge burden on your nervous system, having to process all that attention and information. And also you develop all of these unhealthy coping mechanisms.'"

Her response?

"She just looked at me like she didn't know what the f*ck I was talking about."

Ryan then joked about a "cheaper and easier" solution. "Let's skip show biz and enroll you right into cocaine.'"

Sure, Jimmy admitted that was "bad advice," but Ryan stuck to his philosophy.

"Show business is not good for kids," he said. "I feel like we should know this by now, right? But parents everywhere are like, "Yeah, let's just put them in a movie, unsupervised. It's great!'"

Sorry, James, looks like it's elementary school theater or bust for you!

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