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Kelly Clarkson's Kids Crash Interview With Trolls Costars

Justin Timberlake Waving to Kelly Clarkson's Kids Is One of the Cutest Things He's Ever Done

Unsurprisingly, Kelly Clarkson's kids love the movie Trolls, which features the voices of Anna Kendrick as Poppy and Justin Timberlake as Branch. In a virtual interview for The Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly chatted with Anna and Justin about Trolls World Tour — which is now available on-demand! — and their interview was crashed by Kelly's two kids, River and Remington.

During a game of "Zoom Around the Room," Kelly, who also has a part in the Trolls sequel, asked her costars to find something in their homes that's "related to you." While Justin and Anna both laughed over choosing their respective characters in doll form, Kelly went very literal and grabbed her 5-year-old daughter, River (and seconds later, Remy wandered in, because little siblings). The appearance was short but adorable, especially as River took advantage of her fleeting on-camera moment to compliment the pair. "I love your acting, I love Poppy and [Branch]!" So cute!

See the entire sweet moment in the video above, and get excited to stream Trolls World Tour at home during your next family movie night.

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