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Huggies' 2021 Super Bowl Ad That Honors Newborn Babies

Huggies Released Its First-Ever Super Bowl Ad to Honor Babies Who Were Born "Literally Hours Ago"

Even though newborns can't exactly dig into a plate of wings while watching the game, Huggies involved them in a big way through a commercial that made it the first diaper company to ever run an ad during the Super Bowl. The heartwarming video, titled, "Welcome to the World, Baby," features a slew of little cuties who were born "literally hours ago," early on the morning of Super Bowl Sunday.

The brand shared a tweet shortly after the clip premiered, which read: "Hey, baby! We're excited to introduce ourselves - Hi. We're Huggies, and now that you're here (as in, born!) you'll be hearing a lot from us. Oh, and in case you were napping, check out the film we made for you below."

The sweet 30-second ad details some of the benefits of being a baby, most notably, "You can eat when you want, sleep when you want, and go [poop] when you want." New parents who are interested in winning a Huggies newborn starter kit — which includes diapers, wipes, a new onesie from Carter's, and more! — can enter the drawing on its website.

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