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How Cinderella Inspired This 11-Year-Old Boy

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Disney

Anyone can be inspired by Disney princesses, not just girls. Their kindness, determination, and selflessness are values that all kids can admire — just ask 11-year-old Barrett. After watching Cinderella for the first time, Barrett was in awe of the magic and life lessons he learned from her story.

Encouraged by Cinderella's willingness to give back, Barrett started packing lunches for people without housing to spread some goodness into the world. In addition to the water bottles, masks, and sandwiches he packs in the bags, Barrett also drops in a personalized note to bring a little brightness to their day. Press play to see how Cinderella motivated Barrett to raise awareness for people experiencing homelessness and help provide for those in need.

We've partnered with Disney to share how princesses like Cinderella have inspired the next generation to spread kindness, bravery, and joy.

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