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Halloween Mask and Makeup Tips From Disney Pros | Video

Your Kids Will Look Just Like Disney Characters Thanks to This Nifty Makeup Tutorial, Masks Included!

While our kiddos love planning out their Halloween costumes every year, perfecting the makeup that goes along with it is another story, especially now that they have to wear masks! Fortunately, a few members of Disney's cosmetology team got together to help us achieve our little one's desired look.

For starters, parents should only worry about applying makeup to their child's visible skin. If an area is covered by their face mask, then don't worry about it! Additionally, applying some translucent powder over cream-based makeup will keep it from smudging. Pretty easy, right?

Because your kiddo's eyes are going to be the focus of their look this year, don't be afraid to jazz it up! The experts recommend getting an eyeshadow and an eyeliner brush so you can be more precise. Parents can also attempt to contour their child's face by blending the makeup together at the edges and adding small details to make the eyes really pop — don't forget the glitter!

Thinking about incorporating your kid's face mask into the costume this Halloween? Check out this list of Disney-themed face masks for kids!

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