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Greta Gerwig Imagined Mariska Hargitay During Meditation

Little Women's Greta Gerwig Explains Why She Imagined Mariska Hargitay During Pregnancy Meditations

We're not clear on whether Greta Gerwig is a Law & Order: Special Victims Unit superfan or what, but one thing's for sure: she definitely chose to channel Mariska Hargitay during her pregnancy meditations! In a hilarious clip from The Late Late Show With James Corden, the Little Women director shared that she somehow decided to picture Mariska's face when asked to imagine something calming.

"I think you're supposed to imagine a beach," Greta said to James while sitting next to her partner, Noah Baumbach. "But I would always imagine Mariska Hargitay's face because I find her so comforting. She's very much a part of my baby's life without knowing it. I think it's why my baby is so happy."

Pretty funny, right? We can only imagine what Mariska's response would be! Watch the video above to hear James and Greta's full conversation.

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