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Blake Lively Says Her Daughter Is Starstruck by Jimmy Fallon

Blake Lively Says Her Daughter Is Starstruck by Jimmy Fallon: "You Are Beyoncé For Her"

Most people have that one celebrity they can't help but worship on a pedestal above the rest. For some, that be-all and end-all star may be Ariana Grande, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Jennifer Aniston, but for Blake Lively's oldest daughter, that person is none other than Jimmy Fallon.

When Blake stopped by The Tonight Show on Wednesday night, she got on the topic of her three daughters, the youngest of which she welcomed last Summer. "I have so many children!" the Rhythm Section actress exclaimed. "It's a bit of a tough adjustment in our house, but it's good. My oldest is very into the baby, but my middle child . . . not so much. We're thinking of keeping her," she joked.

Blake's mention of her eldest child, James, prompted Jimmy to ask how the 5-year-old is doing, seeing as she usually hangs out backstage during her mom's late-night appearances. And that led Blake to reveal that James is actually incredibly starstruck by the talk-show host. "We gotta stay away from you Jimmy. She is so intimidated by you," the mother of three said. "She's like buddies with Taylor Swift, no problem. Jimmy Fallon? Can't speak. You are Beyoncé for her," she said, adding that she has cardboard cutouts of him in their house.

Watch Blake's interview with Jimmy above to see what else she has to say about her growing family.

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