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Anderson Cooper on Raising a Baby During a Pandemic | Video

Anderson Cooper on Raising a Baby During a Pandemic: "There Is Also Joy and Beauty"

Earlier this month, Anderson Cooper welcomed his beautiful baby boy via surrogate, and this first-time father is completely obsessed. In a video interview for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Anderson gushed about his son Wyatt Morgan Cooper and opened up about what it's been like to raise a baby during a pandemic.

"People throughout millennia have raised kids through difficult times and difficult circumstances, and life continues," Anderson told Ellen. "And even when there is sadness and suffering, there is also joy and beauty, and I think it's important to be able to recognize both, and live in a world that has both of those extremes, and be able to function in that world."

As a new parent, Anderson says he's learning more about his son every day. "I just, like, stare at him. I can watch him for hours and hours and hours do nothing, and it's amazing," Anderson said. "Every day is different. He's already focusing more, his eyes and, yeah, so extraordinary. I mean, I know everybody always says this and how it changes everything, and I hate to be so cliché but it's astonishing."

Anderson then went on to explain that he named his son Wyatt in honor of his father, who died when he was 10 years old. He also gave his son the middle name Morgan because it was on the handwritten list of baby names his parents had drawn up when he was going to be born. Watch the full video here to see Anderson rave about his new baby boy.

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