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Amy Schumer's Pregnancy Advice to Ashley Graham | Video

Amy Schumer Let Ashley Graham Copy Her Nursery: "Can I Just Look at Where a Baby Lives?"

Amy Schumer gave Ashley Graham some of the "best advice" about having a baby before she had her son, Isaac, in January 2020. The two moms caught up with each other while Ashley was guest hosting Ellen, discussing everything from pregnancy to Amy's nearly 2-year-old son Gene's "comedian confidence."

Because Gene is just eight months older than Isaac, Amy felt like she could be a help to Ashley when it came to newborn advice and the experiences at the end of a pregnancy. "I had just gone through it, I was like, 'OK let me tell you the things that I learned.' And I'm sure you've done that for people since," Amy said. "Because you don't get it; at first when people find out you're pregnant, everyone just has this look on their face — like this dumb look — and you're like, 'Why is everyone being so weird?' But then you get it."

"Amy, that was the best advice you could have ever given me, because now my nursery literally looks exactly like yours — and not in a creepy way!"

Ashley shared that Amy was "so nice" and texted her to offer a look into Gene's nursery to help her better prepare for Isaac's arrival. "Amy, that was the best advice you could have ever given me, because now my nursery literally looks exactly like yours — and not in a creepy way!" Ashley joked. Amy added: "It's so overwhelming. You're like, 'Can I just look at where a baby lives?'"

Amy showed Ashley that a nursery is mainly diapers and "something to suck the snot out of their nose" and felt that was the most important advice, only second to telling her pregnant friend that she didn't have to call her after the birth. "After you have a baby, I feel like everybody gets really needy. You're trying to heal, and people want to come over, and then you're like, throwing a party," Amy said.

Nearly two years into parenting, Amy says she's noticing her son is following in her footsteps in some ways. "He has like, the comedian confidence. He talks in full sentences — he doesn't say anything, doesn't say a word, but he talks like, 'Blah, blah, blah,' and he's motioning to things. He's not saying any words, but he has so much confidence."

Amy told Ashley that every day of parenting gets more and more fun, especially now that she and Gene can communicate. She uses the word lightly, however, as Gene mainly just says "yes" to everything as of now. She joked that they've been "drinking together a lot lately," and that she likes to pretend they're playing drinking games. And this playacting, coupled with his only responding "yes" to things, has proven to be seriously hilarious.

Amy shared a video of her and Gene playing a faux round of "Never Have I Ever," in which she proclaims, "I never got a speeding ticket." Even though it was her "I never," the comedian took a drink. When Gene also takes a swig from his sippy cup, Amy acts shocked, saying, "You got a speeding ticket?!" to which Gene replies, "Yeah!"

"That's how I found out he had a speeding ticket," Amy joked. "You gotta ask your kids these questions or you don't really get to know them."

Watch Amy and Ashley's full, hilarious chat in the video above!

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