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Nurse Adopts Abused Twins From Hospital

1 Nurse Adopted Twin Babies Who Were Abused, and the Story Will Warm Your Heart

There's no denying that 14-month-old twin sisters Delilah and Caroline had a rough go of it from the start. The pair were admitted to Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville, FL, after being severely physically abused. But fortunately, their luck started to change for the better when Jess Hamm, a nurse at the hospital, agreed to adopt them.

She explained that after seeing Delilah getting wheeled in the pediatric intensive care unit during her shift one day, she instantly became invested in her heartbreaking backstory.

"My heart was broken. I don't want to cry. She was just so lifeless, but she still held onto my finger," Hamm said in an interview with Action News Jax. "I was like oh my gosh, I'm going to take her home."

And it's a good thing Jess stepped in because both kiddos were in very serious condition when they entered the hospital. Delilah reportedly had broken bones and a skull fracture and was severely malnourished. The trauma she suffered was so severe that she couldn't even sit up and hold her bottle.

After filing all the right paperwork with Florida Department of Children and Families, she got even more good news: Delilah had a twin sister named Caroline who was also looking for a forever home. So what did she do next? She adopted them both, of course.

"They've been through so much. They're completely different kids. If you had met them when I met them, you'd be amazed."

Now that the girls have turned 2 years old, they've both settled into their new home quite nicely. And as expected, the new mama is thrilled with her decision: "I hope when people hear my story it opens them up to the possibilities of adopting," said Jess.

Congratulations to the new happy family!

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