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Miranda Kerr's Son's Art About His Heroine

Miranda Kerr Says Her Son's Art Melted Her Heart, and Honestly, Ours Are in Puddles Too

Miranda Kerr just shared a photo on Instagram that she says melts her heart, and to be honest, our hearts are in puddles right there with hers. For a project we're assuming was in honor of Women's History Month or International Women's Day, Kerr's 7-year-old son, Flynn, was asked to share who his heroine is and draw a photo of her.

"My heroine is my mom because she fills me with love and she is so, so nice to me," reads Flynn's adorable kid writing, which is featured below a (seriously good) hand-drawn photo of himself and his mama.

Commenters on the post agree that this piece of art is the cutest thing they've seen, and one even praised Miranda's parenting. So it's pretty safe to say that literally everyone's heart is in one giant puddle on the floor over this sweet boy's love for his mom.

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