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Jonathan Groff Singing Frozen Song to Jimmy Fallon's Kids

Jonathan Groff Sang Jimmy Fallon’s Kids a Personalized Song From Frozen, and We’re Jealous!

Jimmy Fallon's daughters, Winnie and Franny, just got a special voice message from Frozen's Kristoff and Sven, and damn, we're jealous that Jimmy can use the voice clip as leverage for them to have an earlier bedtime. Jonathan Groff has a lot coming down the pipeline, but most importantly, he's grabbing his cartoon blond wig and acting again as Kristoff in Disney's Frozen 2. While promoting his various upcoming acting projects on The Tonight Show, Jonathan mentioned to Jimmy that he leaves voice memos for kids as Kristoff, since not being a cartoon sort of holds him back from actually telling kids he's the character in real life.

To demonstrate, the actor took out his phone and recorded a version of the first film's "Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People" with Winnie and Franny's names in various places. Jimmy was so thrilled with the clip, he said, "That'll be played every single night in my house — 'GO TO BED!'" Do you think any of our kids will realize if we play them this version with Winnie and Franny's names every night? Hear more of Jonathan Groff's beautiful singing voice in Frozen 2 when it hits theaters on Nov. 22!

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