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Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy Prank Video 2018

Even After 8 Years, Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween Candy Prank Still Delivers

It's been eight years since Jimmy Kimmel first had the bright idea of tricking kids into believing their parents had eaten all their Halloween candy, but the joke just doesn't get old. Even Jimmy's own daughter isn't safe from getting pranked. Each year, fans of Jimmy Kimmel Live send videos in to the show, and this year's batch is an adorable mix of temper tantrums, violent outbursts, and even a few surprisingly calm responses. From the sweet little girl who's learned to share to the savvy boy who calls his parents out immediately ("You showed me the video!"), 2018's roundup is full of gems that will have you laughing out loud. Our favorites? The wiser-than-their years kids who respond with "I'm so disappointed in you." Three guesses where they learned that!

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