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Jaime King Gets Mom Advice From Jessica Alba

Jaime King Reveals the Celebrity Mom She Wishes We Could All Have on Speed Dial

Being a mom is one of the most unifying experiences — one that makes even the most glamorous celebrities seem relatable. Sure, they might be flying private jets and walking red carpets, but they still have to deal with public temper tantrums, exhausting sleep schedules, and countless attempts at potty training. Stars — they really are just like us.

Actress Jaime King — mom of two sons, 2-year-old James Knight and 8-month-old Leo Thames — knows this all too well.

"Every parent has to go through a lot of the same experiences," she told POPSUGAR. One of the key resources King has that a lot of regular moms don't, however, is Jessica Alba on speed dial.

"Jessica was my biggest resource when I first had James Knight because she was the first one of all our friends to have a child," King said of her pal, who is also her first son's godmother. "She was 26 when she had Honor, so I would call Jess a lot or text her with a gajillion questions. Honestly, a lot of my questions were directed towards her because we lived similar lives and we've been friends for so long that I knew that she would understand and give me sound advice in ways that would really work for me. Whether it be how to do this or that . . . 'Do I bring the car seat or not bring the car seat?' 'Do I bring one stroller and what stroller's best?'"

Having a trusted mom friend is a must for King, who shies away from doing research online, which she says "gets really scary" when moms start filling the comments section with countless differing opinions on the one right way to do something.

"The more questions you ask, the more you're going to go down a rabbit hole," she told us. "There are so many different things on the market — having a baby is such a big industry, and it's great because there's choices, but there's almost too many choices now and that becomes wildly confusing for moms sometimes."

That's why, when it came time to start down the path of potty training James Knight, she teamed up with Pull-Ups.

"I was nervous to get started, but it's been great," she said of the brand's Potty Partnership, which allows parents to customize training plans based on the personality results from a simple online quiz — her son was a puppy. "It's important to pay attention to your child and your own intuition. We've been able to integrate it into our lives in such a seamless way. I'm still doing diapers with Leo James, so it's a lot to think about as a working mom, and this has made it simple and easy."

More than anything, King — who follows a daily mantra "an attitude of gratitude" with her family — appreciates how encouraging the experience has been. And this from a mom who deals with thrown food on a regular basis.

"You have to realize that as long as you're loving your child, you're doing it right," King told us. "We all know what it's like to feel guilty about something — that you lashed out at them or that they got a diaper rash. Whatever that is, the more guilt you feel, the more you're going to judge yourself. And the more you judge yourself, the more you're not loving yourself. The more you're not loving yourself, the more love you're not able to give your child. Bottom line."

Whether that's secondhand advice from Jessica Alba or not, it's certainly a message every mom needs to hear.

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