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Girl Wears Hot Dog Costume to Bed

This Little Girl Asked to Sleep in a Full Hot Dog Costume, and LOL, Some Heroes Wear Buns

When Micah Clem's daughter, Lucy Jo, asked her dad if she could wear a Frozen-themed Queen Elsa dress to bed, he obliged. "Lucy Jo wanted to wear a costume to bed instead of jammies, so she picked out Elsa because it's kinda like jammies, it looks comfy," Micah says in a video on his Instagram. His other daughter Nora, in a classic younger sibling move, obviously wanted to get in on the nighttime costume action. "Nora wanted a costume, too," Micah says, as the camera pans to Nora. He adds, through laughs, "So she's a hot dog."

The dad followed up the video with a photo of Lucy Jo and Nora both sound asleep in their respective costumes, and Nora looks like she's getting the best damn sleep of her life. It seems like some heroes wear buns.

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