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Alyssa Milano Talks Breastfeeding in Public

Alyssa Milano Talks Nursing in Public After Breastfeeding Selfie Sparks Debate

In a simple throwback Instagram post in honor of her daughter Elizabella's first birthday, Alyssa Milano unintentionally reignited the debate on breastfeeding in public.

"I didn't really set out, posting those pictures, as taking a stand for breastfeeding," Milano told Today. "I was just kind of sharing a moment. And then I realized, through the responses, that it was a moment that kind of needed to happen to start a dialogue, because people are still very antibreastfeeding in public."

The mother of two and Project Runway: All Stars host has never been shy about sharing the natural and intimate moments with her kids, and despite criticism, she's hoping that it helps other mothers. "Someone once told me to breastfeed my baby in the bathroom, and . . . yeah, that didn't go over too well," she recalled. "I just thought, 'Do you eat in a bathroom in a stall?' It's so weird."

And while Milano is hardly alone in her views about nursing in public, other celebrities are also partaking in the breastfeeding selfie trend. "I'm glad the dialogue started, and hopefully I can make things be easier for moms in the future whether they're breastfeeding or bottle-feeding," Milano said.

Check out the clip above to hear more about being a working mom and her new role as a "mombassador" for children's TV network Sprout.

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