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Chelle Sings Billie Eilish For The Voice Audition Video

The Voice: This Teen Totally Wowed Kelly Clarkson With Her Stunning Billie Eilish Cover

I just want to listen to Chelle sing Billie Eilish all day. On Tuesday, the 18-year-old singer from Indiana performed Eilish's hit single "Idontwannabeyouanymore" for her audition on The Voice, and it instantly caught the attention of coach Blake Shelton. Newcomer to the show Nick Jonas turned after with Kelly Clarkson following behind.

"Since whenever I was your age, I would overthink everything," Clarkson told Chelle. "You know, we're singers and you want to do well, but you're also a storyteller. I heard so much beautiful potential. Quit trying to be perfect all the time and really get lost in the message."

Hmm . . . can you guess who Chelle went with? Watch her full audition above to see the gorgeous cover and the judges's response. I can't wait to see how her talents evolve over the season.

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