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The Crown: Lisa Beasley's Margaret Thatcher Impression Video

This Comedian's Impression of Margaret Thatcher on The Crown Is Royally Funny

The cast of The Crown knows how to make us do a double take when it comes to playing the members of the royal family, but actress and comedian Lisa Beasley's spot-on impersonation of Margaret Thatcher (portrayed by Gillian Anderson) puts a hilarious spin on one of the show's most stoic characters. The impression is an admirable replication of Anderson's voice and cadence on the show, creating a gravelly tone that lands somewhere between a member of high society and Lord Voldemort. In particular, Beasley nails Thatcher's demeanor when Queen Elizabeth II officially names her prime minister, but the dialogue is where things start to go off script.

"I am Margaret Thatcher," Beasley says in a raspy voice before poking fun at Thatcher's time in office, specifically her decision to eliminate the countrywide free milk program for school children over the age of 7 in 1971. As she's speaking, Beasley is careful to keep her face stiff and unyielding, expertly mimicking Anderson's performance and giving us all a good laugh. Check out Beasley's full impression ahead, as well as comedian Kieran Hodgson's charming impressions of The Crown cast here.

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