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Watch Kristen Wiig and Dua Lipa's SNL USO Performance Skit

This SNL Christmas Skit Is So Chaotic, Yet It All Works So Well

In the immortal phrasing of Saturday Night Live's Stefon, this skit has everything from Kristen Wiig using a transatlantic accent to Bowen Yang's dancing skills and Dua Lipa as the other woman. During Wiig's SNL hosting gig on Dec. 19, Wiig, Yang, and Lipa took it back to Christmas Eve 1944 with a USO performance that their military unit certainly wouldn't forget. The skit was a parody within a parody, with homages to the classic film White Christmas and Whitney Houston's "It's Not Right but It's Okay." What really sells the skit isn't how chaotic Wiig's and Yang's performances are, it's how the rest of the SNL crew can keep it together, with our favorite line being: "Well whatever it is, seems like Private Garrett is off book." We'll never look at White Christmas the same, and neither will you when you watch the full video above.

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