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Watch the Stars of PEN15 Talk About Playing 13-Year-Olds

PEN15's Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle Discuss What It's Like to Play 13-Year-Olds in Their 30s

Actors Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle are so convincing as 13-year-olds on PEN15 that it's easy to forget that they're actually both in their 30s. During their appearance on The Tonight Show on Sept. 14, Erskine and Konkle discussed with Jimmy Fallon what it took to complete their physical and mental transformations into teens. Although it was easy for Konkle to mentally get into character, there was a scene that truly tested her physical limits.

"Physically, my body kept giving out on me," Konkle recalled. "We had this scene where we had to run 10 feet, and I started getting these crazy leg spasms and back spasms. We ended up having a chair at the end of the 10 feet with ice packs and like three people to catch me." While Konkle was struggling to complete the scene, Erskine had to be told to slow down her running. You can watch Erskine and Konkle talk PEN15's origins above in preparation for the season two premiere on Sept. 18.

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