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Haunting of Bly Manor Oliver Jackson-Cohen '90s Quiz | Video

See Oliver Jackson-Cohen Stump His 12-Year-Old Bly Manor Costar With a Nostalgic '90s Quiz

The Haunting of Bly Manor's Oliver Jackson-Cohen (Peter Quint) and Benjamin Evan Ainsworth (Miles Wingrave) might have a complicated relationship on screen, but in real life, they get along like Dunkaroos and frosting. In a video shared on Netflix UK & Ireland's YouTube channel, Jackson-Cohen put Ainsworth's '90s knowledge to the test by quizzing him on the names of different objects from the decade.

"Please tell me you know what this is," Jackson-Cohen said pleadingly before Ainsworth confidently guessed that a VHS tape was a speaker. "Before Netflix even was born, we used to have to go to the video shop and rent movies," Jackson-Cohen explained with a laugh. "It was the worst quality, and then right at the end you had to rewind the tape before taking it back to like Blockbuster."

The rest of the video is equally hilarious and adorable as Jackson-Cohen helps Ainsworth piece together the purpose behind the Yellow Pages, Tamagotchis, floppy disks, CD players, and more. For someone born nearly 10 years after Britney Spears released ". . . Baby One More Time," Ainsworth did a pretty impressive job with a few of these tricky '90s questions. See how many he got right here.

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