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Netflix Explains the You Season 2 Ending Video

Netflix Just Wrapped Up the You Season 2 Ending in Under 10 Minutes For Anyone Who's Still Confused

Watch out! This post contains spoilers.

Almost one month after the second season of Netflix's You was released, many people are still scratching their heads over the ending. Some people feel the final episode was too rushed — that we, the audience, had missed out on some of Joe's crucial character development. Everyone was shook over the twist that saw Love admit to being just as murderous as Joe, and we're all still wondering who the hell the mystery neighbor is. Well, we guess that's why Netflix has already announced a third season is in the works, because we all have questions that we want answered.

So, in case you're still confused about where the You characters all landed at the end of season two, you can watch the video above.

Image Source: Netflix
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