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Listen to Lolo's Cover of Taylor Swift's "Betty"

This Cover of Taylor Swift's "Betty" From Betty's Perspective Will Give You Chills

Taylor Swift's latest album, Folklore, includes a teenage love triangle, with three songs written from the perspective of three different people: Betty, James, and Inez. One of the standout tracks, "Betty," is a moody love song written from James's perspective, but indie artist Lolo decided to do a cover of the song written from Betty's perspective, and it will put you right in your feels.

"I've been a big fan of Taylor Swift since I was a kid. Her storytelling and the way she takes risks to write about whatever she wants inspires me to be the kind of writer I am today," Lolo told POPSUGAR. "When I heard that she had a few tracks on Folklore all coming from different perspectives, I thought that was the coolest thing ever. When I listened to 'Betty,' my first thought was, 'Damn, I wonder if she takes James back in the end' — and I realized that Taylor was leaving that up to the listener's imagination. 'Cardigan' tells us a little bit of Betty's story, but I so badly wanted to hear more from her point of view. So just for fun and strictly to entertain myself, I jumped at the chance to step into Taylor's brain for a second and rewrite 'Betty' from Betty's perspective."

After clips of her cover went viral on TikTok, Lolo decided to bless our ears with the full song on YouTube. Watch her cover of "Betty" in the video above, and check out Lolo's new original single, "Hate U," which is out now!

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