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Watch John Legend and Jimmy Fallon's "March Again" Spoof

John Legend Recapped the Pandemic With a Beauty and the Beast Spoof, and I Feel Seen

Although March 2020 feels like it was just yesterday, Jimmy Fallon and John Legend confirm it's been a full year of being "bored indoors." During Monday's episode of The Tonight Show, the pair heralded in the new month with a spoof of Beauty and the Beast's "Belle" titled "March Again." Fallon begins the song with the all-too-relatable phrase, "It's been a full year, of waking up to say . . . I'm bored, indoors." From Fallon's lamenting about his neighbor's dog no longer being a puppy to Legend chilling with a full bottle of Rosé in the bath and not shaving his chest hair, the video hits a little too close to home. Did I awkwardly look at the other end of my couch when Fallon talked about moving from one end to the other when he was done for the day? Yes, but how else am I supposed to "commute" when I work from home? You can see just how scarily accurate the spoof is in the full video above.

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