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Watch Courteney Cox Surprise a 13-Year-Old Friends Superfan

Courteney Cox Surprised a 13-Year-Old Friends Superfan, and His Reaction Is Too Pure

Despite being 13 years old, Naftali has seen the complete Friends series — all 10 seasons — seven times. So when it came time for him to celebrate his bar mitzvah, it was pretty clear what theme he'd go with. Sadly, the coronavirus outbreak affected his party plans, and Naftali opted for a virtual bar mitzvah that still managed to stick to the same Friends theme. Though things didn't go according to plan, his nontraditional celebration caught the attention of the right people.

James Corden recently had Naftali call into The Late Late Show to discuss his love for the nostalgic sitcom. "You can relate to all the characters, and it's just really funny," he said. Then . . . Courteney Cox joined the call. Though he kept a calm demeanor throughout, Naftali immediately exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! Hello!" In addition to conjuring Monica Geller with her best "I know," Cox also surprised Naftali with a foosball table "just like the one in Joey and Chandler's apartment"! Watch the sweet fan surprise above.

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