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Barack Obama Gives Drake His Blessing To Play Him in a Movie

Drake Is Campaigning to Play Barack Obama in a Biopic and, Respectfully, I'm Saying No

Ten years ago, Drake reportedly told Paper Magazine that he wanted to play Barack Obama in a biopic, and now it looks like he may have manifested his acting return. In a Nov. 24 interview with Complex News, Speedy Morman brought up Drake's comments to Obama, asking the former president if he gave his blessing for the casting. Obama, who is ever the diplomatic politician, noted that Drake "seems to do anything he wants," and that the rapper is a talented man. He definitely tried to dance around saying whether he approved of the idea but eventually admitted that the Canadian would have no trouble getting his family's stamp of approval. Sasha and Malia must be big fans of Mr. Aubrey Graham because Obama shared that the two would have "no problem with it." Still no confirmation on whether the man himself is a fan of the idea.

My question is, do we need another biopic on Obama?

We've already had Southside With You and Netflix's Barry. As much as I respect Drake's reign on Degrassi: The Next Generation, I don't think Jimmy Brooks was a stepping stone on his path to becoming the former president. Obama may have gotten away without giving a solid answer, but I am happy to say, for all of us, no 💛.

Image Source: Getty / Drew Angerer
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