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The Bachelor Contestants Saying Like Video Montage

"Like" Was Said 229 Times in One Episode of The Bachelor, and Wow, This Montage

If you're, like, a fan of The Bachelor, then you probably understand why Jimmy Kimmel decided to, like, count how many times the word "like" was said on the show. Let me be clear: I am not one to throw stones. I'm incredibly grateful not to be filmed 24 hours a day because I have no doubt I'd be caught tossing out a "like" or 30. That said, it is absolutely hilarious to see a glimpse into just how many times the filler word popped up during this week's episode. The Jimmy Kimmel Live team counted the word being said 229 times — yes, 229 — in one episode. Repeat: in one episode! That's just, like, wild. Check out the funny montage of the "like-ning storm" above, then catch up on the women still competing for Peter Weber's heart.

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